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Ride me in the ocean or put me on your wall! These hand-shaped boards are finished with a high quality plant-based Epoxy to give the paulownia wood strength and durability over time in the elements. This method of creation lets us add flowers and leaves to our shapes, making each board unique. 

NOTE: All Hibiscus flowers all turn out unique! Every flower is dried a little differently and the epoxy changes the color over time! 



W: 16/18 inches    H: 40/45 inches

Our full-size shape, and our most popular board for the ocean. On this board, you should have enough room to lift your knees and legs out of the water when going down the face of the wave. The bottom of your pae po will be the only thing in contact with the water and you will speed down the line.. a feeling that is proven to put a smile on ones face! 


Make sure you give us some details in the comment box at check out! Let us know your height, weight, and wave you plan on riding. 


Height (5'8) Weight (135) Wave: 2-3 foot waves primarily on North Shore O'ahu