Materials, Shapes & Care


Thanks for taking the time to do some research on our products! We know quality goods matter to you and they matter to us too. Check out what materials we use to create your boards! 

 Paulownia :  

When starting this business sustainability was at the forefront of our minds. We searched for a material that would put our conscience at ease, and discovered the beautiful Paulownia.

This tree sure has it all.. Not only is it the fastest growing hard wood, it is able to regenerate from its roots over and over - a necessity in sustainable forestry. Its big heart-shaped leaves suck up 10 times more CO2 than other trees, and, at its roots, it improves micro-climate and soil health. 

The use of Paulownia in Japan dates all the way back to 200 AD. Turns out - every part of this tree can be used. Its leaves can be fed to livestock and have multiple medicinal purposes. Its purple flowers, that smell like vanilla, are rich with pollen and can be used to support endangered bee populations. 

Better yet, Paulownia has the highest strength to weight ratio of any wood in the world. It is strong, light weight and buoyant, and the perfect material to make functional works of art that can be passed down for generations.


Entropy Plant Based Epoxy: 

To finish our surf models we use a premium Epoxy made by Entropy Resins. This Epoxy is plant-based! At Huliau, we strive to be as mindful and this is the best product we could find on the market. I attached a link to their website and some information about their product below. 

      " Entropy Resins takes pride in creating sustainable epoxies that lower our impact on the environment without compromising performance. Through green chemistry, sustainable raw materials, and efficient manufacturing we conserve energy, minimize harmful byproducts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of our resins and hardeners. Using Life Cycle Assessmentwe can demonstrate how our epoxies reduce the environmental impact of your end products. We also do third-party biobased content testing certified by the USDA. No greenwashing claims here… We just Make Things Better™. "

All Natural:

Our natural finishes include Linseed Oil and various stains. Linseed oil, extracted from flax seed, is one of the most useful natural non-toxic and eco-friendly oils. Stains and oils wont give it much strength, but it gets deep into the grain and protects well against the elements.



Choose between the PAUMALŪ, 'EHUKAI and the WAIMEA

Paumalū -   Our full size shape, and our most popular board for the ocean. On this board, you should have enough room to lift your knees and legs out of the water when going down the face of the wave. The bottom of your pae po will be the only thing in contact with the water and you will speed down the line.. a feeling that is proven to put a smile on ones face! 

'Ehukai - These boards are shorter and a little narrower than the Paumalū. Bring this board under your chest or slide it out in front of you - there are many ways to ride this pae po. This shape is also our best seller for kids, 2 to 10 years old. 

Waimea - Our smallest board is designed to give you some lift and speed when you are bodysurfing. Inspired by the youth of Hawai'i that would bring lunch trays down to the beach to bodysurf with. 

CARE -  

** for surf models only **

After you take her for a ride, rinse her off and give her a good ol wipe down. Store it away - next to your favorite house plant, on the wall parallel to your ukulele, or along with the rest of your quiver. Wherever it may be, make sure your pae po'o is in a dry and shaded zone until your next time on the water. 

Disclaimer - ALL boards, foam or wood, can break if pushed to their limits. Though we do our best to make our boards as strong as possible.. some times you might just charge a little too hard! If you break our board, shoot us a message and maybe we can repair it or create something new :)